Welcome to Port Swan

Over the next six month's I will be introducing you to the many aspects that make up the world of my novella. Beginning with the fictional setting that the story takes place in, Port Swan, NC.

Port Swan is based on several different towns along the North Carolina coast, while not being any of them in particular. Southport, Swansboro, Pine Knoll Shores, Topsail Island, and Wilmington have inspired this setting greatly, and are all places that I hold near and dear.

I have called NC home my entire life, and while I do not live at the coast a piece of my heart resides there year round. Every time I step foot on coastal ground, I feel like I'm home. They say to write what you know, so it was only natural for me write about my favorite place, which is most definitely by the sea. 

Welcome to Port Swan, NC. 


Port Swan is a fictional island sandwiched in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Inner Coastal waterway. It is home to the many founding families of Port Swan - namely, the Davenport and Marshall families. 

In the year 1850, the year Port Swan was founded, Gardenia Swan inspired Clarence Davenport to name the town. Twenty-two years later she inspires him to begin construction on the Swan Lighthouse.

Along with the lighthouse and the key to the town the Davenports own the town vineyard -  a muscadine grape farm, just across the bridge on the mainland.

But, the Marshall family, while not directly connected to the Davenport's, hold the true key to the town - the secret of the time portal. 

I hope you guys are excited to spend some more time in Port Swan once the story begins...